SAA, Community Engagement Workshop

Society of American Archivists Sponsored Event:

Community Engagement Workshop
Integrating Archival Education with Technology & Research

Wednesday, 15th of September
0830 – 1145
University of Maryland College Park
College of Information Studies, iSchool
Digital Curation Innovation Center (4110)

To explore the possibility of collaboration among archival educators to share techniques, strategies, and tools to develop and enhance the skills of students in academic and professional education programs. The DCIC wishes to share some of its capabilities, learn from colleagues in the field, and foster a discussion on opportunities for collaboration in digital curation and computational treatments of archival collections in particular. We believe that meeting off-site at a digital curation lab, and allowing time to present and discuss, would be a beneficial way to add value to AES interests.

For more information about the presenters: SAA 2018

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