DCIC Presentations at the iSchool Symposium (May 1, 2018)

The iSchool symposium at the University of Maryland was an event that featured poster presentations, talks, panel discussions and debates from across the four iSchool programs – HCIM, MLIS, MIM and InfoSci. The DCIC had a strong participation in this event with 7 projects involving over 50 students being presented at the symposium. Two of our projects – Legacy of Slavery and Human Face of Big Data were presented as talks and the others were presented as posters.

Students working on the two projects demonstrated their work through discussions, pictures of archived documents and interactive visualizations which kept the audience engaged as their curiosity grew with each slide that was shown. They not only focused on the work that was done, but also discussed in detail what the future scope is, keeping the bigger picture in mind. The reception from the audience was overwhelming with nearly everyone raising their hands to get an opportunity to ask questions. Both teams met with people from the audience outside the hall to continue their discussions at the end of the event.



Poster presentations were held in the Grand Ballroom of Adel H. Stamp Student Union. Viewers comprised of students, faculty, clients and other eminent guests who attended the event to learn about the research students are doing at the iSchool. Students presented their posters, clicked pictures with their clients and congratulated their fellow classmates as some of them graduated after the iSchool symposium.

Overall, the participants enjoyed presenting at the event, viewers appreciated the work of the students and found their interaction with students very information – the event was a hit!

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