Research Staff

richard_marciano Richard Marciano
Ken Heger Ken Heger
Senior Lecturer, digitizationLab Dir.
Greg Jansen Greg Jansen
Research Software Architect
Dr. Katrina Fenlon Katrina Fenlon
Research Associate
ricky_punzalan Ricky Punzalan
Research Associate ARC Lab Dir.
Mary Kendig Mary Kendig
Research Associate Instructor
William Underwood Bill Underwood
Affiliate Prof.
Victoria Lemieux Victoria Lemieux
Affiliate Prof.
Maria Esteva Maria Esteva
Affiliate Prof.
michael_kurtz Michael Kurtz
Director Emeritus

Research Affiliates

U. Maryland iSchool:

Tammy Clegg Tammy Clegg
iSchool & Education
Jesse Johnston Jesse Johnston
Katy Lawley Katy Lawley
iSchool Doct. Prog. Dir.
Trevor Owens Trevor Owens
Jenny Preece Jenny Preece
iSchool Dean Emerita
Katie Shilton Katie Shilton
iSchool EViD Lab Dir.


Bruce Ambacher Bruce Ambacher
e-Records Expert Virginia
John Burns John Burns
Consultant, UK
Mark Hedges Mark Hedges
Senior Lecturer, KCL Dep. Digital Humanities, UK
Adam Kriesberg Adam Kriesberg
Assistant Professor, Simmons U. iSchool
myeong lee Myeong Lee
Assistant Prof. George Mason U.
Scott Madry Scott Madry
Exec. Dir. The Global Space Inst.
Lyneise Williams
Associate Prof. UNC Art History Dep.

Doctoral Students

Advisor: Richard Marciano
Will Thomas Will Thomas Andrew Casertano Andrew Casertano
Advisor: Ricky Punzalan
Caitlin Christian-Lamb Caitlin Christian-Lamb Edward Summers Edward Summers


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