“Brown Dog”

A CIC Big-10 $10.5M NSF/DIBBS-funded collaboration with the University of Illinois NCSA Supercomputing center and industry partners (NetApp and Archive Analytics Solutions). This project aims to help accelerate the development of digital curation processes and services and create a data observatory to provide access to Big Records training sets and teach students practical digital curation skills.

“Curate Cloud”

A $300K IMLS-funded project that helped develop and launch online professional education for digital curation professionals, and is also developing as an open-source research and education platform, the VCL (virtual computing lab), to remove barriers to access for curation tools and resources.

“DRAS-TIC Fedora”

A $240k IMLS-funded project that will research, develop and test software architectures to improve the performance and scalability of the fedora repository. This project will apply the new Fedora 5 application programming interface (API) to the repository software stack called DRAS-TIC. We will work with Fedora community partners that will help us develop use cases and performance expectations.