Dr. Richard Marciano to give 2019 UCLA Karmiole Lecture in Archival Studies

Speaker Dr. Marciano

“Director of the University of Maryland’s Digital Curation Innovation Center to present an annual lecture named for UCLA IS alum and antiquarian bookseller.”

“Richard Marciano, professor in the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland and director of the Digital Curation Innovation Center, will present the 2019 Kenneth Karmiole Lecture in Archival Studies, titled “Archival Explorations in Computational Treatments of Justice, Human Rights and Cultural Heritage Records,” on Tuesday, Feb. 12, in the Legacy Room at the UCLA Luskin Conference Center.”

“In his presentation, Marciano, who directs the Digital Curation Innovation Center at the University of Maryland, will discuss ways in which computational thinking can be “infused” into archival studies education through a case study on the automatic detection of personally identifiable information in Japanese-American WWII Incarceration Camp Records. Among the topics to be discussed are digital curation, design, and construction of computational models, transparency, and algorithmic accountability.”

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Credit: Joanie Harmon, UCLA


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