About us

What is the DCIC?

The DCIC is a research center that sponsors interdisciplanary projects that explore the integration of archival research data and technology to generate new forms of analysis for historical research engagement. We provide MLS, MIM, and HCI students the opportunity to work on research proejcts that address real archival and information management challenges faced by different organizations, including government agencies, academic institutions, and corporations.

Where is the DCIC located?

University of Maryland Office 4110B, Hornbake Building, South Wing

What are the current projects and how can I get involved?

Our projects and current research endeavors are listed under Projects in the Research Tab.  If you are interested in joining the team, please let us know by stopping by the center or emailing dcic.ischool@umd.edu. We appreciate volunteers.

I have a project idea, but I am not tech savy. Can the DCIC help?

At DCIC we believe in ideas and innovation. Technology is only a small piece of the puzzle and if technology scares you, we can help. We have a technical advisor with office hours who is here to train and assist students with software. To meet with the advisor, book an appointment through our reservation portal or email us.

What is the iSchool CloudLab?

The CloudLab is a remote desktop and virtual computing lab created by the DCIC to give students free access to otherwise expensive software utilizied by career professionals. Faculty who wish to employ CloudLab for a class or a workshop, please let us know 3 weeks in advance. You can access CloudLab at ischoolvcl.umd.edu.