KCL Dep. of Dig. Hum and UMD DCIC Sign Memorandum of Understanding (Nov. 2016)

Memorandum of Understanding
Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College London
Digital Curation Innovation Center, College of Information Studies,
University of Maryland—College Park


Faculty and staff members of the Department of Digital Humanities (Department), King’s College London, and the Digital Curation Innovation Center (DCIC) in the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland have collaborated, over time, both formally and informally, on research projects, conferences, and discussions focused on various aspects of Big Data use in the Humanities. Both the Department and the DCIC have a strong commitment to explore computational archival science to increase the efficiency of and access to archival records that comprise Big Data.

Statement of Intent

Both parties desire to formalize this research collaboration. The parties commit to:

  • Explore the feasibility of joint projects in the areas of Big Data and computational archives.
  • Regularly scheduled consultations (face to face, Skype) to discuss research initiatives of mutual interest. Emphasis will be on professional exchanges involving doctoral and masters degree students from both institutions.
  • Share, as legally permitted, research information, tools, strategies, and techniques beneficial to the research projects of both parties.
  • Publish in printed or electronic form, as mutually agreed, results from research collaborations of the parties.
  • Co-host, as mutually agreed, workshops, seminars, or symposia featuring the research results of investigations of collaborative projects.


Prof. Sheila Anderson
Head of the Department of Digital Humanities
King’s College London

Dr. Richard Marciano
Digital Curation Innovation Center
College of Information Studies
University of Maryland